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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Swimming Pool

If you have almost finished paying off the mortgage and you fancy adding a pool in the yard, this article was written with you in mind, as we point out some of the common errors that homeowners make when installing a pool on their property.

  1. Going over-budget – The list of expenses when building a pool is indeed long and it is easy to overlook things like water filtration and additional waste pipes that need to be installed prior to the pool arriving. How to avoid this one? Create a list of everything that needs to be done and when you ask local pool contractors to bid for the project, mention that you want an all-inclusive price and check their proposal carefully. Check out Swimpressive Pools in Perth for all the solutions.
  2. Failure to consider pool maintenance – Once the pool is finished, it is in pristine condition, but it won’t remain that way without daily care. You will need to allocate at least 30 minutes per day for pool maintenance; if you are using a saltwater system, you have to top up the salt on a regular basis and clean the filters. Chlorine based systems also require daily care and the pool installation team will show you how to manage pool maintenance, which isn’t exactly rocket science. Water pump and filtration, with an interior clean using special apparatus.
  3. Failing to consider safety – Every pool in Australia must be safety certified; this involves an inspection of the pool and surrounding areas. The pool fencing must be according to standards and the gate must be self-closing; there can be no items within 1200mm of the exterior pool barrier; check with your state government about how to get a swimming pool certified. There are state approved pool certifiers and when you feel your pool iis ready, book an inspection.
  4. Choosing the wrong pool contractor – The best way to select a contractor is to do some research and visit a few of their previous projects. Look for a contractor with a minimum of 3 years’ experience and there should be a lot of positive client reviews on their website. Ask the contractor if they can have the pool ready for a safety inspection at the end of the project. Most would be happy to do this and it saves you the hassle.

There are one-stop solutions when looking to build a pool and choosing a contractor with a good reputation should ensure satisfaction.

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