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Air Conditioning Drain Quiet Air Pump

Today we come to talk about the air conditioning drain quiet air pump. Why? Because it is one of the queries that we find most when installing a boiler or an air conditioner.One of the aspects that are usually most discussed by users is the evacuation outlet of the water used by the refrigeration appliances. The first thing to understand is that this type of device does not make water, but rather condenses it, collects it and evacuates it or pushes the condensation water to a drain. But why do they condense the water? To understand this, the best way there is is to explain it with a story.

Imagine it’s one of those hot days in August, when you don’t feel like doing anything. Neither leaves the house because you will melt with that sun nor stay home melted between the sofa cushions. Well yes, imagine it is one of these days. Suddenly, a friend calls you and brings up the idea of ​​going to play a soccer game. At first you think, what better way than going to play on a day like today, to keep sweating? However, in the end you end up giving in and you are going to play your game. In this way, you take your bottle of cold water, sports clothes and soccer boots. You leave home and you arrive in the field. Once there, you take out your water bottle and see that he is “sweating”. This sweat is condensation. This is how condensation water is “produced”, without the need to manufacture it, in air conditioners.

In other words, condensation water does not originate if there is no temperature difference or there is no humidity in the environment.

Surely now, you understand much better what the air conditioning drain quiet air pump is, but we are going to see the typologies when installing a pump.

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Split air conditioning drain quiet air pump

The split is one of the most famous refrigeration systems of the moment. It consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, through which the condensed water is sent to extract it outside the home. Normally the outdoor unit is located in the window or on the balcony and communicates with the indoor unit through a hole in the facade of the building. Split pumps usually have a high capacity to store the evacuated water.

In this way, the split air conditioning drain quiet air pump needs to drill the façade in order to optimally perform its operation. If you want to install a split air conditioner, look at our condensation pumps for air conditioning and boilers.

Silent air conditioning drain pump

Another aspect that is triumphing in boilers and air conditioners is quiet air pump. Its optimal performance as well as its low noise has conquered the hearts of many users and the purchase of a silent air conditioning drain pump was increased during the summer months.

At Sanitaria, we offer a wide range of sanitary disposers, quiet air pump stations, and evacuation pumps and drain pumps. We adapt to your needs to offer you the best price. In addition, a team of advisers will be able to contact you to solve all your doubts and queries and that the installation of the drain pump goes perfectly.

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