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Common Types of Security door – What’s Best for You?

If you are a home or business owner and you are looking to further secure your property, you are no doubt wondering if the different types of security door available on the market are suitable for you. For homeowners, there may be some desire to mix security and style, providing protection and still maintaining a desired aesthetic.

For business owners, the choice may be simpler. You are probably leaning towards substance over style, looking for something that can provide a deterrent to any potential intruders. Whatever your choice, security doors in Bunbury can protect you from unwanted intruders.

  • Button system – probably the most common type of security door seen worldwide, and especially popular with apartment blocks and condos, the button system is a secure method of ensuring only persons with permission are entering the property. These types of security doors are usually powered by electricity. The pressing of a button from inside the property releases two strong magnets that are stuck together when the door is locked. Magnetism is an excellent way to secure a door. A strong security door magnet is very hard to overpower.
  • Card system – very popular with hotels around the world, the card system is a way of allowing people into certain parts of a building while restructuring their access to others. Hotels can even limit which floor in the hotel their card will take them to, adding to security for the other guests, and stopping would-be thieves from making it to places they shouldn’t be.
  • Trellis security door – becoming more common recently, a trellis security door system is a stylish way of providing security whilst being able to have your doors open. Often constructed of stainless-steel wire mesh that is easily retracted, trellis doors come in a wide variety of designs. They are usually made to order and contain few moving parts, to minimize corrosion.
  • Phone entry systems – QR code or PIN code entry systems are starting to become more popular as the mobile phone continues to augment society and become a part of our evolution.
  • Roll-up commercial doors – arguably the go-to security door for commercial properties around the world, the roll-up door provides blanket security for your property by covering the entire face or the building.

So, whatever your property, home or business, you should now have an idea of at least which type of security door will suit your needs.

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