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Designing & Building Your Dream Home In Shropshire

When you look at many of the new homes being built by developers, they all seem to look similar, and very little stands out from the crowd. When you want a newly built home but one with character, consider building a bespoke one, which can also be cheaper than buying one off plan. Below are some factors you will need to consider when designing and building a custom home that can see you living in the family home of your dreams.

Your Budget

There are significant costs involved when building a home, and you will need to factor these into your budget and have a contingency in place, as most builds go over budget. Some of the costs you will have include:

  • Land Purchase
  • Architectural Plans
  • Building Materials
  • Labour Cost
  • Specialist Builders Cost

You will want to have a decent budget in place so you can build the home of your dreams and ensure it is finished to the highest standard possible. You will also need to ensure you find the best bespoke house builders in Shropshire to help with the task of building your dream family home.

The Design Of Your New Home

You will need to employ the services of a reputable firm of architects to design your home for you, and you will need these plans to gain planning permission from your local council. Your architect will need to know your overall budget so they can create a design that will match this and choose an appropriate level of finish for your bespoke house.

Employ A Project Manager

You will also want to employ a project manager for your home building project to help ensure the project runs smoothly and the required materials are always available. If you have the time, it is a task you can consider doing yourself, and if you stay on top of things, you can save money on your building project. Most building companies will add money on to the cost of materials when they are supplying them for a project, so you can save yourself between 10-15% on the cost of building materials by sourcing them yourself or your project manager doing it.

Finding Quality Tradespeople

You can also save money on the cost of your building project by doing a lot of the labour yourself if you need to keep costs down and you have the time. However, you will still need to employ reputable and skilled tradespeople to do many of the tasks in your construction project, such as:

  • Ground Workers
  • Brickies
  • Roofers
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Plasterers

You can save money on plumbing and electrical costs by doing a lot of the work yourself, like running the pipes and cables where needed, but it all needs to be checked by a professional before being used.

Always Make Allowances

One of the best bits of advice you can take away from this is always to make allowances for the unexpected. Always leave extra time in your schedule to make allowances for delays and have a contingency should the costs run over. The last thing you want is for your project to run out of money when 90% complete, but the house is still unable to be lived in by you and your family.

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