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Factors To Consider When You Want To Render The Outside Of Your Home

When the exterior of your home is starting to look tired and dated, you can consider adding render to the outside to make it look fantastic. Rendering is something you can consider doing yourself if you have some basic DIY skills and the time to do it, or you can have a professional do the job. If you are doing the job yourself, you will need to do lots of planning and preparation to ensure that you do an excellent job, and your home looks terrific. Below you can find some tips to help you prepare to do this job to the exterior of your home that can help ensure you do it to the highest standard possible.

Your Preferred Type Of Render

You can choose to use different renders on your home, so you will need to look at the various options and decide which one you prefer. Some of the most common types of render you can consider using include:

  • Polymer Render
  • Monocouche Render
  • Lime Render
  • Cement Render
  • Acrylic Render

Each type of render has pros and cons, so you must research the different options to help you select the most appropriate one for your home. You can click here to get more information on the different types of renders to help you choose the one you prefer and in a suitable colour. Once you know your preferred render type, you must consider whether you do the job yourself or hire a professional.

Who Will Do The Rendering?

Your next decision will be whether you do the rendering job yourself or whether you hire a professional to help you and see which option you prefer. The cost of rendering your home can vary, depending on the type of render you use, the finish, and who does the job You can spend between £3000 to £7000 for a typical house about 80m². Doing the rendering job yourself will mean you need to buy the materials and you will also need to hire a quality rendering machine to do the job on your home to the highest standard. The time it takes to render a home will vary depending on its size and the finish you are looking to achieve, and below you can see some basic timeframes for doing the work.

A Two-Bedroom Bungalow: It will take four to six days to complete the task using a professional, but it will most likely take longer if you do the job yourself.

A Three-Bedroom Semi-Detached House: To render a home of this size will take five to eight days for a professional and probably a few more when doing the job by yourself.

A Four-Bedroom Detached House: To professional render a home of this size, it will take between seven and ten days, and you can probably add two or three more doing the rendering yourself.

If you do not have the time to invest in doing the task yourself, you will want to use a professional company to render the exterior of your home. Ensure you look for a reputable company that can do the job at an affordable price, and they can help transform the look and feel of the exterior of your house ad make it look like a loving family home.

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