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How Can You Reduce Your AC Bill this Summer?

Summer time is too uncomfortable particularly the day time when sun shines to its maximum. Therefore, properly setting your ac for Summer is very important to maintain cool home during these days.

However, if your AC runs most of the time during this climate, then at the end of the month, you may end up getting heavy electricity bills, that may often upset your monthly budget too.

However, there are few effective ways by which you can reduce your electricity bill. Following are few important tips that can help in reducing your electricity bill during summer months.

  1. While you sleep at night just turn off

One of the smart ways of reducing your electricity bill can be turning off your AC during night, when the temperature is already a little less. You may run your AC rest of the day, so that your room temperature will already remain cool.

Same temperature will be maintained and by switching off your AC, you can save considerable amount of energy.

  • Thermostats and timers setting

If you set the thermostat to a very low temperature setting then the compressor unit will run much longer to achieve that temperature and as a result more energy will be consumed.

However, if you set the thermostat at your comfort level temperature, then it will maintain that temperature and compressor will run less. Also, by timer setting, you can reduce the energy bill.

  • Try to get shady

If you protect your home from direct sunlight by creating shades around your home then your room will not become hot. You can do this by using blinds, curtains and drapes.

By keeping your home shady will help you to use less of AC, as direct sunlight will not be available.

  • Turn off all heat-emitting appliances

You can also reduce heat inside the room by turning off various household appliances like electric iron, oven, table lamps, computers which can also produce heat inside the room.

This will also create lesser need for AC and thus help you to save some amount of electric energy.

  • Keeping your AC clean

Also, you need to keep your air conditioner regularly maintained and keeping all the filters perfectly clean so that your air conditioner may run with its optimum efficiency.

Dirty filter will put more pressure on your air conditioner and as a result, it may consume more amount of energy too.

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