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Information on When and Why to Apply Topsoil to The Lawn

Everyone is aware of lawn watering and fertilizing, but few people are aware of covering the lawn with rich topsoil or quality dirt. Topsoil works wonders on damaged turf. Adding quality dirt to the lawn is popular as topdressing. There is no standard to determine topsoil. It is suggested to use topsoil that closely matches your existing soil, so that plant growth is not hindered.

In which situation must you add topsoil?

  • Uneven lawn – Lawn gets uneven because of several factors. Adding topsoil helps to correct this issue. The lawn gets uneven after drainage pipe work or natural erosion or moles dug burrows or old tree roots rot. In such situations, the soil gets settled making the lawn uneven.
  • Visible bare patches – Unsightly bare patches in the lawn get covered with topsoil dressing. Patches lack grass because of environmental issues like prolonged drought and intense heat. Other reasons are using too much fertilizer on the lawn can trigger chemical burns leading to unsightly bare patches.
  • Poor soil drainage – A spot on the lawn inclines to hold water because of poor drainage. Adding topsoil in that area creates good drainage. Make sure that the plant roots don’t get disturbed. You can remove the plants before repairing the existing soil drainage and then replant or improve the existing soil drainage before planting the grass.

Use Ecolawn applicator to spread the topsoil evenly. Ensure that the grass tips peek out though topdressing mix or the grass will struggle to grow and suffocate.

Reasons to add dirt to the lawn

  • Topdressing encourages new shoots and thus thickens the lawn.
  • Lawn can maintain its moisture in dry conditions and drain excessive water properly when its downpours.

  • The new soil layer adds nutrients to existing soil.
  • It helps to fill any kind of gaps in the lawn making the surface even out.
  • Topsoil improves the poor soil quality and prepares it for planting new lawns.

If you are using topsoil for correcting a new lawn then allow it work. For a new lawn, the settling process is stressful and it needs time to relax and prosper. Regular water will help it to ease in the new surroundings.

Timing to apply topsoil

It should be applied in the growing season. The best time is late spring but avoid if the weather forecast predicts rain. Annual topdressing boosts the buildup of thatch, so make sure that you rake deeply in spring. Topsoil the lawn after every three years because it helps to maintain stability without causing the lawn to overstress.

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