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Install Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door: Keep Close To Nature

Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door will be the perfect solution when looking for easy access in/out of the house. The magnetic screen keeps the flies and bugs out as well. The durable mesh screen door lets the fresh air in while keeping the insects and pests out. So, it is ideal for use during the summer months or any weather.

The features of flux phenom screen door

The magnetic screen door offers several features, such as:

  • Easy to install
  • Durable and lightweight mesh
  • Toddler friendly
  • Easy for pets to walk in/out
  • Enjoy fresh air
  • Keeps bugs out and some other insects
  • 26 tight seal magnets

The screen door can fit any door size up to 38” x 82”. In addition, it can be adjusted from small to large-sized doors. The Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door closure fits up to 38 x 82”. The door middle has a series of magnets, keeping the door closed when someone passes. Push the middle of the door and both sides will part and let you pass through. It is also good for those who are carrying things, it has a hands-free entry. So, you can pass without manually opening the door with force.

A retractable mesh

Giving a modern look of a home is not impossible nowadays. With lots of materials used for constructing a modern structure of a house is possible. With these, it gives the home a modern look while keeping the vintage look if you want to have that detail. Screen doors are one of the traditional door protection from bugs and pests. However, this standard screen door is now replaced by a retractable screen. It can change the look both indoors and outdoors. Flux phenom is one of the most popular magnetic closure retractable screen doors available. It becomes the leading magnetic screen door due to the excellent features that nothing can beat. The durability of the screen ensures to withstand a longer period, which is purposely made for.

Why use retractable screens?

The importance of using retractable screens is perfectly designed for insects. Living in the regions or tropics where the climate changes, it can be prone to mosquitoes. It helps you enjoy the weather without worrying about insects and flies getting in. A lot of options are available for these retractable meshes because of their being more versatile. When it is not in use, the door screen remains invisible in the house. Flux Phenom is rust-proof, which makes it withstand humid temperatures. Therefore, it is easy to clean and heavy-duty. The quality improved design of retractable screens make it the best option. It has a clean finish and is eye-friendly, it complements any exterior design of the house.

Now, if you are very particular with the details of your exteriors, these retractable screens are a perfect match. It can’t ruin the exteriors as well as the design of the home, being an invisible mesh. With this retractable mesh, you can keep close to nature by letting the door open.

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