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Keep Your Home Cool During a Heatwave

While some people rejoice in the idea of an oncoming heatwave and plan to soak up the sun, many of us dread the thought of high temperatures. This can mean turning up the aircon, which gets expensive, and many people dislike the feel of having cold air running all day. So, how can you keep your home cool naturally on a hot day?

Cover your windows

One of the reasons why rooms can get hot and stuffy during heatwaves is because of sunlight. Direct sunlight heats up a room, which means you have to turn up the aircon just to get it cool. Covering your windows during the time of day when the sun hits them makes a big difference. There are lots of options for window coverings including blinds, curtains, shutters, awnings, and more. Ideally, you should get them made to measure, so there are no gaps, and you can block out the sun on the hottest days.

Insulate your home

Has your home been insulated recently? You may think insulation is just for keeping homes warm, but insulation comes with a reflective layer, which means when heat hits it, it’s deflected away from your home.

You should make sure you have insulation around key areas such as:

  • The attic
  • Basement
  • Ceilings
  • Walls – both exterior and interior
  • Floors

Insulation helps keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round, and it’s inexpensive too, so it’s a win-win situation for you.

Avoid letting the warm air in

When you feel too hot inside your home, it’s always tempting to throw open the windows and let the air inside. But unless there’s a cool breeze, this will have the opposite effect. Leaving your windows closed and covered is the best way to keep a room cool. However, once the sun goes down, you should take advantage of the cool night air.

A heatwave doesn’t mean you need to leave the air con on all the time. In fact, air con can make your home feel uncomfortable, as it can often be too cold and get unpleasant. If you see a heatwave on the horizon, the best thing to do is learn to cool your home naturally and without the use of fans and air conditioning. This ensures that you don’t end up with those dreaded post-heatwave energy bills, and can protect the environment too, so you can feel good about your home.

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