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Should You Rekey or Change Your Lock?

You’ve been locked out of your house before? You are a landlord and you need to make sure that your former tenant cannot gain access to your home. You may have misplaced your keys or your lock is not working. You know the stress that can come with any of these situations. You may think a locksmith could fix your problem quickly. There are many different locksmiths, and some offer higher-quality services. Do you need to rekey or change your lock?

What is a Lock Change?

A replacement lock may be necessary if your old one is worn out. You can do this by removing the old lock and replacing it with a newer one. This is a good idea if you are looking to update your lock to the latest technology, or if it is not working or is not functioning properly.

What is the cost of a lock replacement? Keypad Locksmith has a large inventory of locks and key ranging from simple and affordable to more complex. Call us today to get a quote or see what options are available.

What is a Rekey?

Rekeying is the process of replacing the pins and/or cylinder in your lock. When you replace the cylinder and/or pins in your lock, only the new key will unlock your door.

It’s likely that someone who has gained access to your home, with or without your permission, also owns the key. Rekeying locks ensures no one has access to your home except you and anyone else whom you give a new key.

Rekeying has many advantages over replacing locks: it is cheaper, and it is quicker.

Should I Get My Lock Changed or Rekeyed?

If your lock is not working correctly, if you’ve lost or broken your key, or if simply want the newest model and latest technology, then you should have it replaced.

Rekeying your locks is the best solution if your keys are broken or lost, or if any copies or old keys will not work.

Rekeying your lock is the best solution if you do not have a key and need to gain access. Replacement may be the answer if you want a new lock.

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