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The Top Ways to Create More Living Space Around Your Home.

If your teenage kids are on your back trying to get you to create more space within your current property then you may have several options open to you that you never thought about before. You could make some changes around your property or you could move to a different area in Australia and a larger home. This seems to be an extreme measure because I am sure that there are many reasons why you chose to live in the home that you currently do.

You can work with what you have at the moment and you may have to spend a little bit of money to create a second-storey extension for example, but you’re always adding value to your property and any money that you spend now will be recouped later if you decide to sell the property. You need to look at adding more space to your current building as an investment in your future and it also keeps your kids happy as well. The following are just some other things that you might want to consider before you sell up and move home.

  1. Convert the attic – If you already have an attic in your home then it’s likely that this is space that is going to waste. The only thing that you keep up there are items that you’re never going to use again and so it makes a lot more sense to convert all of the space into a single large bedroom or two smaller ones. All it takes is a skylight to be installed in the roof and the kids will be fighting over this extra bedroom.
  2. Create a granny flat – This is only its name and it isn’t an indicator of a space where a senior citizen would live. It’s likely that you have a garage that you never use and the car has not been parked in it for years. This would be the perfect place to create an additional room where your teenager could actually prepare their own meals and live there.
  3. Branch out – There is nothing to say that you cannot extend your current buildings further and so it is entirely possible to add an extension onto the bottom floor. This can create additional space for you and it is up to you then if you want to make them bedrooms or maybe a lounge.

Now you have four ideas to take advantage of in order to create more space around your current Australian property.

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