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Tips for a Stress-Free Office Relocation

If your business is exceeding even your high expectations and you are planning to relocate to larger office space, this short blog was written with you in mind. Moving your office shouldn’t be a stressful time and we offer a few tips to ensure the relocation project goes smoothly.

  • Leave it to the professionals – If you are looking for office removal in Melbourne, Google can take you to the website of an office removal specialist and you can ask for a quote. Of course, the removal contractor can’t give you a quote over the phone, he would send a technician to your place of work to survey your office inventory, find out where your new office is, then a quote can be given.
  • Create lists – You need a ‘to go’ list, a list of things that are not going to the new office and a priority list, items that need to go first. Stick coloured labels on items to show which group they are in, lastly, run down your list, checking off items that are packed and ready to go.
  • Make best use of your HR – Every employee in your business has a specific set of duties to perform and using them for the relocation will negatively impact the organisation. We recommend hiring an experienced commercial removalist to handle the entire operation, including packing. No one likes manhandling heavy equipment and while your workers might not display it, they won’t be happy to be sequested into heavy manual labour, they are for too important for something like that.
  • Check utilities- All utilities should be hooked up and running on the morning of the move, while you need to clear your accounts at the old location and have the services terminated, which removes all liability. Of course, you need an Internet connection from the word go; all your office PCs can be hooked up to your new network and be online ready for work. Climate control should be set and the removal team can get to work unpacking and arranging to your chosen configuration.
  • Sit back and enjoy the experience – When the big day comes, you can relax, knowing the relocation project is in the capable hands of a commercial removal team. All boxes are labelled and the team are eager to please, nothing is too much trouble for the customer. Your employees won’t be lifting anything heavy, of that you can be sure.

Follow our advice and enjoy a stress-free office relocation, which signals the start of another exciting chapter for your company.


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