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Tips On How To Lawn Care Throughout The Year

A healthy, dense lawn is the basis for a beautiful garden. In the year, however, it has to endure a lot: Playing children, frolicking dogs, social celebrations, and the weather can put a lot of stress on the green carpet. So that the lawn can withstand the stresses of garden life, it should be particularly cared for depending on the season by you or experts such as Earth Development. Here is an overview of the most important activities.

Lawn Care In Spring

In spring, the lawn is covered with residual leaves, cones, or branches that should be removed. It is best to start removing moss not to spread any further. When scarifying, annoying lawn thatch can be easily removed. If the lawn is no longer that dense and has clear areas, it should be re-sown. You can get your new lawn off to the best possible start with sowing between April and the end of May. A floor temperature of at least 5-10 ° C is essential. From April, the lawn is back in the growth phase and needs a lot of air, water, and nutrients in the fertilizer.

Lawn Maintenance In Summer

The lawn is particularly stressed in the summer months. Blazing sun, drought, and intensive use strain the lawn and leave their mark. Regular mowing, watering, and fertilizing are therefore compulsory. A 4-5 cm length is ideal for common lawns for use. When it comes to irrigation, the following applies: Depending on the frequency of rain and temperature, the green carpet is dependent on extensive watering two to three times a week. The best time to do this is in the early morning or the evening. So that the water penetrates deep enough, you should – especially in dry times – water the lawn with an amount of 10 liters per square meter.

 To strengthen the resistance of the grass against drought, please do not forget to fertilize! In addition, weeds should be removed regularly to avoid widespread. Isolated weeds can be pricked out relatively easily. If the infestation is more severe, you should use a lawn fertilizer with a weed killer.

How To Prevent Weeds In The Lawn

Even the best care and attention cannot always prevent weeds from spreading in the lawn. However, the right care will make your lawn robust and less susceptible to infestation by diseases, pests, moss, and weeds. Many domestic weeds are hungry artists and only develop into serious competition if the lawn grasses are not adequately and evenly supplied with nutrients. You can prevent this by fertilizing your lawn regularly. Special lawn fertilizers as seen on Earth Development, contain all the essential nutrients your lawn needs for healthy growth. You should also mow regularly because most weeds do not tolerate the cut and grasses, as they grow tall and want to develop flowers to reproduce. Here you can find more tips on Lawn care all year round.

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