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Understanding Pool Safety & How to Ensure Compliance

Accidents happen all the time around swimming pools, most of them involve young children. If a child has access to a swimming pool and it is not surrounded by a safety barrier, anything can happen. It only takes a few seconds for a young child to fall in and drowned. As a pool owner, it is necessary to take precautions to prevent any pool mishaps.

Pool Fence

As a homeowner, there are times when children will leave your line of sight and wander into areas they shouldn’t be. The main reason for installing a pool fence is to stop young children from going near the water when an adult is not looking. You must have an adequate fence in place to ensure swimming pool compliance in Sydney. In Australia, each state has its own list of compliance regulations.

Above Ground Pools & Inflatable Pools

According to Australian law, anyone with a pool must have a child-resistant barrier protecting the pool, even if it is above ground pool. When it comes to inflatable pools, it depends on the size of the structure. There should be a pool fence installed to protect children from an inflatable pool.

Depth of the Pool

When looking at pool safety regulations, you must evaluate the depth of the pool. It doesn’t matter if the pool is inflatable or portable, it must have a pool fence if it is greater than 300mm. If your pool is greater than this number, it must have a safety fence to comply with local compliance regulations.

Pool Safety Certificate

A compliance certificate will only be issued when the pool is deemed to be safe by a certified inspector. To get a pool safety compliance cert, the swimming pool must be comprehensively assessed by a professional.

When you want to have your pool evaluated and you are looking to get a pool safety certificate, you have two options. You can either contact the local council and schedule an inspection or you can get in touch with a fully accredited pool certifier. The latter is usually better as they guarantee a swift service.

As you can see, it is important to have the right type of fencing around your pool. Aside from being compliant with the law, it saves lives. Young children are at serious risk if they are playing near a pool that doesn’t have the right protection. There are many ways to ensure your pool is compliant, so don’t overlook its importance.

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