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What is a Professional Landscaper and What Do They Do?

We have all probably tried to “do our own” garden, only to discover that it took much longer than we expected and the results weren’t what we hoped for! I don’t how many homeowners have given up on the idea of doing it themselves and decided to seek professional help. But I think there are two main reasons why homeowners would rather create their own garden than seek professional help. They either think that a professional landscaper would be too expensive, or they are afraid of being duped by a “cowboy”. The first factor is a myth and can be dispelled by a thorough study. hiring an experienced landscaper could save you money. This blog addresses the second factor so that you can determine who are professional Virginia landscapers and eliminate the risk of being duped.

What Is a Landscaper?

Professional landscapers are responsible for improving the appearance of your home. They combine their knowledge and love of plants and lush with their passion for soil and water to create a more attractive and specialised gardening layout. They have a wide range of landscaping skills and are also trained to create a garden which reflects your taste. It also provides an overview of their experience.

The gardener is hired to take care of all the details. They can do everything from a lawn to a flowerbed, choosing shrubs for pathways to building fences, to rockeries, and more. They take care of all your gardening needs. They can be hired to do a variety of tasks, including: preparing the soil, raking weeds, mowing grass, fertilizing, irrigation, digging, mulching and pruning.

Landscapers are familiar with the local weather conditions and can help select plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs that will thrive in the region. They also have a good understanding of how to design a garden which will not harm the environment or wildlife. They can give you the best advice about composting, mulching, and how to attract birds and bees.

What Types of Jobs Are They Doing?

Professional landscapers can do a wide range of work in Virginia. However, they are not a genie who will just show up to do everything. They work with a team that has the expertise in their field, such as:

Landscape Designers

The designer is responsible for the design and also a specialist. They create a plan or a vision that the team will then work on to make it a reality. It’s exactly the first step in the project. Your ideas are taken into consideration and the plan for the project is created accordingly. This is like creating a map that the other team can use. The map includes raw measurements, and the design areas.

Fixture Construction Specialist

The next in line is the fixture builder. The property manager is responsible for determining all the practical aspects of the home. Together with other Gardeners, they work to find the best place to put the focal point.


The hardscapers take care of the pathways, paving and other paving systems. Hardscapers use a variety of stone fixtures and tools to create a powerful visual presence in the garden.

Practical Irrigation

Landscape designers often use irrigation systems to create a vegetable garden that is organic. This allows them to provide the most water possible through the saplings. Different irrigation systems are established, such as large-scale sprinklers and Central pivots.

They are responsible for the decorative elements and physical features. They come up with creative designs that bring the garden to life while reflecting the individualism of the owner. They will certainly enhance the appearance of your own personal oasis.

All they have to offer:

  • Build a pond
  • Rebuild or Garden Fence
  • Cut the lawn
  • Weeding & Manicuring
  • Paint fences and sheds
  • Create rockery
  • Create pathways
  • Cut down overhanging branches
  • Make the property more attractive and sellable by improving its appearance
  • How to build a garden from scratch
  • Help in choosing the right flowers, trees and shrubs
  • Design and create a zen garden, xeriscape garden etc.

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