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Wine Glasses – How to Keep Them in Great Condition

If you are about to invest in good quality wine glasses, then you must know how to take good care of them. There is no point in serving a beautiful wine in a mediocre glass, a high-quality wine deserves to be served in a stylish, sparkling wine glass. Here are some tips to remember when cleaning and storing your wine glasses.

Use the Dishwasher

Even expensive wine glasses can go in the dishwasher, they won’t get damaged and they’ll come out looking great. Although you can put any type of wine glass in a dishwasher, it is important not to forget a few simple rules.

  • When the dishwasher is finished running the clean cycle, you must open the dishwasher and let the steam exit the machine.
  • After the full cycle is complete, take each glass out of the machine and hand rinse them. This gives you time to get rid of any residue that remains on the glasses. Try to avoid using a rinsing agent because they tend to have their own aroma, this will affect the smell of the wine when you use the glass.
  • Don’t forget to dry the wine glasses using a fresh, clean towel. A used cloth or towel that is already a bit damp can transfer an odour onto the glass.

After you’ve finished cleaning the wine glasses, you must store them properly to ensure they are kept in good condition. Here are some tips on safely storing your wine glasses at home.

Wine Glass Storage Tips

If you ask your friends or family how they store their wine glasses, you’ll usually get the same answer – upside down in the cupboard. They think by placing the glasses upside down in the cupboard, they’ll stop dust from getting in. Storing glasses this way actually traps air and makes them for stuffy. The best way to store them is upright and practically bone dry.

If you put them upside down, you can also chip the rim. Another option for storing wine glasses is to buy a proper wine rack for your home. This helps separate them and mitigate the risk of breaks.

There isn’t much point in investing in good quality wine glasses if you don’t take care of them. You can put them in a dishwasher for cleaning, but you should perform checks on them when the cycle has finished. By following these tips, you can enjoy your stemware and wine drinking for many years to come.

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